Specialised Mechanical Engineering Services by Haald

Industrial Engineering Solutions

Haald can provider a range of different engineering solutions for various industries in Queensland and throughout the rest of Australia. See below for the different types of industries that we can provide our services to: 

Materials handling system designed by experts


  • Materials handling systems for nickel ore
  • Materials handling systems for coal
  • Materials handling systems for alumina
  • Continuous centrifugal for magnesium
  • Design review of Dragline Boom & Tristructure
  • Materials handling for mineral sands
  • Design review of mine development
  • Mine dewatering
  • ACID Storage tank

Designing of defence projects


  • Gun Tractor Project – design of material modules for the Australian Defence Force
  • Design of personnel modules, stores modules, stores & ammunition modules
  • Overlander Project – design of materials modules

3D Layout for thermal power station


  • Engineering support for the specification of an ethanol plant
  • Layout for thermal power station

3D design of sugar plant


  • Design of materials handling equipment for Tay Ninh 2500TCD raw sugar mill
  • Quang Nam and Kien Giang 1000TCD white sugar factories
  • Preparation and milling
  • Bagasse handling and storage systems
  • Tanks and vessels for juice heating and clarification
  • Centrifugals
  • Water utilities and reagent systems
  • Design of milling train and bagasse storage system for Thoi Binh 1000TCD white sugar factory
  • Design and development of continuous centrifugals
  • Design and development of new concept bagasse storage and handling systems
  • Engineering support for the specification of an ethanol plant
  • Design of sugar dryer

Graphical design of a transportation system


  • Design of curtain side modules for rail
  • Design of 44ft double stacker curtain side modules
  • Design of flat racks
  • Design of skid frames
  • FEA of barge

Design of agriculture machine


  • Design of grain dryer chassis
  • Design of air seeder
  • Design of broadacre tillage equipment
  • Design of sugarcane tillage & planting equipment

Graphical design of machines

Other Industries

  • Tank design in steel, stainless steel, rubber, brick lined steel and FRP (fibreglass)
  • Clam shell bucket design
  • Tri-axial stress test rig design including unique urethane in situ cast skeleton seal
  • Unique double hinge door system for large capacity cooling towers
  • Hydraulic systems design
  • Design of emergency tertiary braking device
  • Design of a hydraulically operated rod mill liner-handling machine for an ALUMINA refinery
  • Sheet piping hammer head
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