Specialised Mechanical Engineering Services by Haald

Specialised Mechanical Engineering Services

Welcome to HAALD Engineering in Queensland. We are a medium sized Engineering Design Consultancy company. We have nearly twenty years experience in the industry, and have been providing mechanical engineering solutions since we were established in 1997. 

We provide project based mechanical, civil and structural design in particular but also offer electrical and process design inputs via collaborative relationships with other similar sized consultancies.

Bridge constructed by Haald engineers

Project Success and More 

The strategic roadmap established by HAALD has enabled successful completion of projects in a variety of industries including special purpose machinery, process equipment, mining, sugar, power generation, materials handling, and mineral processing.

The design team at HAALD combines multi-skilled and experienced engineers, drafters and technical support staff. Our highly motivated team is equipped with the latest 3D modelling, stress analysis and discrete element modelling technology as well as project management tools. 

Design Solutions for You 

With cutting edge technology, and the best team around, we are driven and committed to providing clients with design solutions that are practical, economical and easily fabricated.
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